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Jeonnam Province picked 10 representative festivals of 2020

전남도 2020 대표축제에 목포항구축제  10 선정

Jeonnam Province picked 10 representative festivals of 2020


Jeonnam Province picked and announced 10 provincial representative festivals of 2020 with resources of Namdo(남도), or the southern part of the nations, historical and cultural eco-tourism.


The selected representing festivals of Jeonnam this year are Mokpo(목포) Port Festival, Yeosu(여수) Turtle Ship or 거북선 Festival, SunCheon(순천) Food and Art Festival, GokSung(곡성) World Roses Fesitval, HwaSoon(화순) Crysanthemum Festival, Muan(무안) Lotus Flower Festival, Hampyung(함평) Korea Orchid Contest, YeongGwang(영광) BulGap(불갑) Mountain Red Spider Lily Festival and HwangLyong(황룡) Yellow Flower Feast.


The selection guidelines were told to consider festival planning, contents, operation, development possibility and effects.


Jeonnam Province anticipates such contents will be widely known to across the nation and draw tourists attention to Jeonnam areas.

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