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Jeonnam HamPyung(함평) Cattle Market of ‘118 years of tradition’ to open every Tuesday

'118 전통전남 함평 ()시장매주 화요일 개장

Jeonnam HamPyung(함평) Cattle Market of ‘118 years of tradition’ to open every Tuesday


The 118-year-old traditional, HamPyung(함평) Cattle Market representing the Western region of Jeonnam is opening from this month on every Tuesday.


According to the HamPyung(함평) County today, the previous cattle markets open dates of the 2nd and 7th of every month, which were in coordination with the traditional market openings, have been altered to every Tuesday.


The electronic auctions for beef, breeding cows, and calves are integrated to open on Tuesdays as well, except the pedigreed calves’ auction which will be open only on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, considering its distinctive nature.


The HamPyung(함평) Cattle Market has been running since 1903 along with the HamPyung(함평) 5-day interval market.


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