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Gwangju establishing Gwangju Tourism Foundation

광주시, 컨벤션뷰로 흡수한 관광재단 설립…4·25명 규모

Gwangju establishing Gwangju Tourism Foundation

Gwangju city announced yesterday that the organization outline of the Gwangju Tourism Foundation for establishing the tentatively named ‘Public Private Partnerships Tourism Policy Platform’ is fixed.

Jongmin Kim reports

After  Gwangju City and the Ministry of Interior and Safety reached the first agreement, the city recently sent the proposal of the second agreement to the Ministry based on the results of the feasibility study. Gwangju is expecting to get permission to establish the Foundation, considering the current trend to establishing tourism foundations in each of the metropolitan cities. However, Gwangju planned that such organizations like the existing Gwangju Convention Bureau will be merged with the Gwangju Tourism Foundation”

An official of Gwangju City said “Although the approval was given under the condition that the Jeonnam Tourism Foundation considers the integration with Gwangju, we have reached the agreement to establish a separate foundation and have cooperative projects. We will prepare administrative procedures so that we can set up the foundation in July”

The foundation will consist of 25 members in four teams. The four teams will be the Business management team, tourism marketing team, tourism promotion team, and tourism content team. 15 employees of the current Gwangju Convention Bureau will be relocated to the foundation and ten employees will be newly hired.

Also, the annual budget is expected to be 8 billion won, including 1.8billon won for the foundation operation and 6.2 billion won for projects such as consignments to the private sector.

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