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The Ministry of Education will review the establishment of the KEPCO(한전) College of Engineering on the 31st, which is likely to be approved

교육부한전공대 법인 설립 31 심사인가될 

The Ministry of Education will review the establishment of the KEPCO(한전) College of Engineering on the 31st, which is likely to be approved


The Ministry of Education will hold the University Establishment Review Committeeon the 31st of this month for the approval review of the tentatively named HanJun(한전), or the Korea Electric Power Corporation, KEPCO College of Engineering.


An official of the Ministry of Education said today that there were some contents that needed to be adjusted after an examination of the corporation establishment approval application submitted by HanJun(한전) or KEPCO at the end of last year of which we have requested, and continued with if HanJun(한전) does adjust all the relevant contents faithfully, the committee will likely approve for its establishment.


The committee is 11 members including the committee chairperson who is external personnel, though the members list is undisclosed.


Observers within and outside of KEPCO are expecting the approval will be completed smoothly as the KEPCO engineering college establishment was President Moons promise.

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