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Gwangju Literary Museum construction business to begin after 14 years of delay, construction design contest to be held within this month

광주 문학관 건립사업 14 만에 본궤도이달  설계 공모

Gwangju Literary Museum construction business to begin after 14 years of delay, construction design contest to be held within this month


The construction of Gwangju Literary Museum which was delayed for more than 10 years, is finally back on track.


Gwangju city revealed today that the construction design contest will be announced this month.


The city plans to select the business at the end of April after approximately 90 days of notice, with plans to finish the construction design by this year and start construction by early next year to be complete by the end of 2022 if all goes according to plan.


The literary museum will be 4 floors, on 2,700m2 of land with 17.1 billion won of investment in the SiHwa(시화) region of BukGu(북구) district.


The composition of the museum will be with permanent and event exhibition halls, multi-purpose hall, seminar rooms, creative room and storage where programs such as viewers literary pleasure, new artists creation and citizens literary experience can operate.

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