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“Caution for infectious diseases during overseas trips”, 637 reports of suspected diseases last year

"해외여행  감염병 주의"…지난해 광주 의심 신고 637

“Caution for infectious diseases during overseas trips”, 637 reports of suspected diseases last year


Gwangju city urged the city residents who are leaving for overseas trips during the Seollal() holiday to check about epidemic infectious diseases for each country visited.


According to the Gwangju Institute of Health and Environment today, there were a total of 637 influx cases of suspected infectious diseases from overseas last year.


Measles, Dengue(뎅기) fever, and Chikungunya(치쿤구냐) fever were the majority of them which tested benign.


Among 22 tests requested due to symptoms such as diarrhea, 19 of them were confirmed to be typhus(장티푸스) or shigellosis.

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