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Excavation investigation started at the old Gwangju Prison to find the missing persons of May 18th

옛 광주교도소 발굴 시작…5·18 행불자 찾는다

Excavation investigation started at the old Gwangju Prison to find the missing persons of May 18th


The excavation process for the remains of the missing persons at the May 18th Democratization Movement within the sites of old Gwangju prison is set to officially begin.


The May 18th Ceremonial Foundation is beginning the excavation procedure from 10am today at MunHeungDong(문흥동) of Bukgu(북구) district at the cemetery for deceased with no family relations.


This is to further check whether other remains were buried around the site of discovery of unidentified remains at the old Gwangju prison cemetery on the 19th of last month.


The investigation is upon the garden areas of 2,800m2 where Daehan(대한) Institute of Cultural Properties will process with cultural heritage excavation method for 5 days until the 1st of February.

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