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Gwangju city, Jeonnam Province to operate a new coronavirus influenza countermeasure unit

광주시·전남도신종코로나 대책반 운영

Gwangju city, Jeonnam Province to operate a new coronavirus influenza countermeasure unit


Gwangju city and Jeonnam Province have initiated an emeregency countermeasure preparation course for the Wuhan Pneumonia spread, the new coronavirus influenza.


Gwangju city held an emergency meeting today at the city hall to share information between relevant organizations and discuss of cooperative and supportive measures.


Participating at the meeting were officials from the city, 5 districts municipalities, police and the Medical Association.


The city is currently operating a countermeasure unit, composed of 6 individual sub-units of 122 personnel from relevant public officers as well as designating dedicated public officers to consistently manage the contacted persons 1 on 1.


The 6 designated medical facilities and 12 nation-designated inpatient treatment beds of 2 facilities as well quarantine facilities of 77 sites of firefighting schools will be reorganized for prevention of the spread influenza to the public.

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