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The KCDCP will use a new testing method for the new coronavirus starting tomorrow which will release results in 6 hours while the charter planes for Korean citizens' repatriation from Wuhan city are delayed to tonight

질병관리본부내일부터 '신종코로나' 6시간 신속 검사 시행우한 전세기 일정 지연오늘밤 출발

The KCDCP will use a new testing method for the new coronavirus starting tomorrow which will release results in 6 hours while the charter planes for Korean citizens' repatriation from Wuhan city are delayed to tonight


Starting from next month, private medical institutions will be able to rapidly test for the new coronavirus influenza, or the Wuhan Pneumonia.


The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention revealed that a new testing method, Real Time PCR has been developed to finish its verification process to apply to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention along with 18 Institutes of Health and Environment including Incheon Airport National Quarantine Station from the 31st of this month.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explained that the new testing method will enable for the test results to be checked within 6 hours, and the gene amplification test, which can confirm the infection by a single test, will be produced through national corporations, assisting the active response to the new coronavirus influenza.


The authorities at the center are anticipating that quick testing can aid active quarantine actions as the previous pancoronavirus testing required 2 steps and took 1 to 2 days for the results.


However, the two planes chartered to repatriate 700 Korean citizens from Wuhan city today at 10am and 12pm were rescheduled for tonight, with one plane for 350 citizens, and another plane to depart tomorrow after discussions with Chinese government for the rest of repatriation.

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