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Wuhan repatriated citizens through charter plane, 18 showing symptoms to be transported to hospital

우한전세기 귀국 교민 18명 증상 발견···전원 병원이송

Wuhan repatriated citizens through charter plane, 18 showing symptoms to be transported to hospital



18 personnel among 368 citizens repatriated from Wuhan city of China through a charter plane today showed suspected symptoms of the new coronavirus.


The Central Accident Management Headquarters of the new coronavirus influenza held a briefing at the Government Complex Sejong to present the quarantine test results of the Wuhan repatriated citizens.


Among the returnees, 12 showed symptoms in the aircraft and 6 more showed symptoms at the Gimpo(김포) airport quarantine section, among whom 14 were transported to the National Medical Center and 4 to the JungAng(중앙) University Hospital for the treatment.


The rest of the 350 citizen were divided with 200 at the Police Human Resources Development Institute located in ChungNam(충남) Provinces Asan(아산) city and 150 at the National Human Resources Development Institute of Jincheon(진천) city of ChungBuk(충북) province for 14 days where medical staff will reside together for daily quarantine measures and medical support, with outings and visitations being prohibited.

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