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Alarms for regional festivals and events with the new coronavirus spread

'신종코로나 확산'…지역 행사·축제 비상

Alarms for regional festivals and events with the new coronavirus spread


As there are raising concerns for the new coronavirus influenza to be spreading, several festivals and events scheduled between February and March are alarmed.


According to Yeosu(여수) city of Jeonnam Province today, the national marathon competition, originally planned to be held on the 22nd of February to commemorate for the YeonLyuk(연륙) bridge opening to connect between Goheung(고흥) and Yeosu(여수), has been suggested to be canceled or postponed by the Iksan(익산) Regional Construction and Management Administration which is in charge of bridges.


The final decision regarding the opening of the competition will be discussed through internal meetings to be announced next week.


GwangYang(광양) Plum Blossom Festival which is the earliest spring flower festival across the nation is also drawing attention regarding its opening. The original plan was to hold the festival between the 6th and 15th of March in the Plum Blossom Village of DaAhb(다압) Township in GwangYang(광양) city, however, as the new coronavirus is spreading, there are concerns for the event.


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