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KEPCO anticipating corporation approval, “No glitch for KEPCO College of Engineering opening in 2022 March”

한전 "한전공대 2022 3 개교 차질 없어"…법인 허가 기대

KEPCO anticipating corporation approval, “No glitch for KEPCO College of Engineering opening in 2022 March”



Korea Electric Power Corporation or the KEPCO expects no glitch for the 2022 March opening of the tentatively named HanJun(한전), or KEPCO College of Engineering as opposition to concerns arose.


A KEPCO official revealed today that although the University Establishment Review Committee of the Ministry of Education waived for corporation establishment approval two times, as the campus design service order has been already made last December and there are internal preparations ongoing for selecting the dean and professors, there will be no delay to open the school in 2022 March.


The official also noted there were revised documents requested by the committee in December 20th and we have not been notified yet for the withholding on the 31st last month and continued with, we will revise again after the exact cause of waive becomes clear which will enable for the approval of the corporation establishment.

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