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Due to New coronavirus spread sanitizing products shortage for free masks distributed by health authorities to be sold

'신종코로나 확산위생품 품귀…보건당국 배포 마스크까지 판매

Due to New coronavirus spread sanitizing products shortage for free masks distributed by health authorities to be sold



With the rapid spread of the new coronavirus influenza, the demand level for sanitizing products has increased drastically in the midst of which the free distributed masks to the basic livelihood security recipients from the health authorities are being sold online, garnering criticism.


According to the Seogu(서구) district of Gwangju city on the 4th, there were 25,000 sanitizing products provided for free to screening clinics visitors, community service centers within 18 Dongs(), basic livelihood security recipients and senior citizens starting the 24th of last month.


There also equipped masks for infection prevention at the entrance of the province office as well as hand sanitzers of 300 quantity placed in administrative offices within Seogu(서구) district.


However, as the shortage of sanitizing products including masks is increasing due to the infection spread fears, there are sales of free distributed masks from the health authorities on online second hand dealing sites.

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