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‘Ronaldo No-show’, organizing corporation to compensate 371,000 won for each soccer fans

'호날두 노쇼주최사축구  1명당 371천원 배상해야

‘Ronaldo No-show’, organizing corporation to compensate 371,000 won for each soccer fans



As for the so called Ronaldo No-show controversy at the last years professional soccer friendly match where Christiano Ronaldo did not play for the game, the first civil law suit was acknowledged for the soccer fans.


Lee JaeWook(이재욱), the single judge of the Civil Chamber 51 of Incheon(인천) District Court judged a partial win for the plaintiff, where 2 spectators of the football match sought damages against The Fasta, the organizer for the friendly match with Juventus Football Club of Italy.


Judge Lee ordered The Fasta to pay 371,000 won each to the spectators, however, did not specify for the cause of the judgement at the sentencing session of the trial.


Ronaldo participated at the Team K-League held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium last year on the 26th of July for the Juventus Football Club friendly match, however, did not play in the game and just sat on the bench, prompting the no showcontroversy.


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