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Gwangju 21st Century Hospital and Fire Academy quarantine release adjusted to midnight on Feb.19th

광주 21세기 병원.소방학교 격리 해제 시점 19 0시로 조정

Gwangju 21st Century Hospital and Fire Academy quarantine release adjusted to midnight on Feb.19th


The quarantine release period for the Gwangju 21st Century Hospital and the Fire Service Academy, where people who made contact with the infected are residing, is being readjusted.


As the 16th and 18th confirmed cases of coronavirus were found in Gwangju, and stayed at the hospital, those who made contact with the infected are under quarantine until midnight on Feb.19th.


Gwangju city discussed with the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of lifting the quarantine under the condition that no more patients appear.


This decision is a one day extension of the original lift date of Feb. 18th at midnight, with the 18th confirmed case appearing on Feb.5th.

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