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KIA Motors’ Gwangju plant ‘shut-down’, until maximum Feb. 14th with partial lines resumed from Feb. 12th

기아차 광주공장 '셧다운최장 14일까지…12일 일부 라인 재개(종합)

KIA Motors Gwangju plant shut-down, until maximum Feb. 14th with partial lines resumed from Feb. 12th



KIA Motor Corporation's Gwangju plant's production lines will be suspended until the 14th of this month.


This is due to the spread of the coronavirus influenza halting the supply of Chinese parts, resulting in a temporary shut-down of domestic factories including Gwangju since yesterday.


According to Labor and Management of KIA, Gwangju's 1st and 3rd plants producing popular vehicle models of seltos, soul and large bus lines will be operating again from February 12th.


As for the defense production lines for military products in Hanam(하남), the 3rd plant is under continuous operation without break.

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