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Gwangju to establish library at old Sangmu incineration plant site

상무소각장, '광주대표도서관' 탈바꿈

Gwangju to establish library at old Sangmu incineration plant site

Gwangju’s Sangmu Incineration Plant could be turned into a public library. The construction for the library will start in the latter half of 2021, after the final design is picked through an international contest on Feb. 14th

Jongmin Kim reports

The Project is hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and is organized by the Regional Culture & Development Agency so as to maximize effectiveness of cultural regeneration projects.

Gwangju’s Sangmu Incineration Plant is situated within a 1km radius of Gwangju City Hall and the Kim Dae Jung Convention Center as well as Gwangjucheon and other parks.

Over 39 billion won including 15.6 billion in national and 23.5 billion in local funding will be invested into the plan for the 11 thousand square meter project. It will be a 4-floor building with a basement level.

Last year, the city of Gwangju revealed that participants for the international blueprint competition for the City’s Main Library had already recorded over 600 submissions.

By numbers so far, 817 teams from 62 countries submitted tenders of construction designs. Officials insisted that the thoughts of remodeling the building into an educational and cultural facility be the unique point of attention.

The city government plans to decide on the final 4 blueprints before the 14th of this month and the 1st place winner will earn the Design Development and Construction Document priority rights. For the 2nd 3rd and 4th place runners up, plaques and compensation will be awarded.

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