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147 people entered Korea through 3rd chartered plane from Wuhan, 5 symptom carriers being tested at hospital

우한 3차 전세기로 147명 입국…유증상자 5명 병원서 검사중(종합)

147 people entered Korea through 3rd chartered plane from Wuhan, 5 symptom carriers being tested at hospital


Through the '3rd chartered plane' sent to Wuhan city of Hubei province by the government, 147 citizens have entered Korea.


The 147 people include repatriated Korean citizens and Chinese families members, among whom 5 showed suspect symptoms and were transferred to Seoul National Medical Center.


The Central Disaster Rectify Headquarters announced the results of the 3rd chartered plane at the regular briefing held at the Government Sejong Complex on Feb.12th.


The 3rd chartered plane departed from Incheon(인천) airport at 8.39m on Feb. 11th to arrive in Gimpo(김포) airport at 6.23am on Feb. 12th.


There were 147 people who entered through the 3rd temporary flight, including 79 Korean citizens and 67 family members of Chinese background including 1 from Hong Kong. The remaining 1 was another family member of a Korean citizen who is a US citizen.


There were 170 people who originally wished to depart on the plane but the passengers showed a decrease for the actual flight.

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