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Gwangju city to give comprehensive countermeasures for the corona-shock

광주시 특례보증확대·세정지원강화…코로나쇼크 종합대책 발표

Gwangju city to give comprehensive countermeasures for the corona-shock


Gwangju city announced comprehensive countermeasures for small and medium sized companies on Feb.12th.


This is upon the recent conference held between economic organizations and the government at the Gwangju Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


The city decided to offer a special guarantee of 43.2 billion won for corner stores, which is 9.2 billion won more than last year.


Each store or company will be supported with a maximum of 25 million won at 2.5% of interest per year, supported to have less than 0.5% of actual interest.


The restructuring fund support for small and medium distribution companies will also operate 2 months earlier than last year.

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