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Honorary Consulate of Nepal opened in Gwangju, visas issued and migrant workers’ human rights protected

광주에 네팔 명예영사관비자 발급·이주노동자 인권보호

Honorary Consulate of Nepal opened in Gwangju, visas issued and migrant workers human rights protected


The Honorary Consulate of Nepal opened in Gwangju to deal with visa issues and to promote exchanges and cooperation.


According to the Gwangju Korean(고려인) Cooperative on Feb. 18th, the consulate is located in the Mugaksa(무각사) areas of Gwangjus Seogu(서구) district. The consulate began its operation from Feb. 17th under Jun SungHyun(전성현), who is appointed as the honorary consul of the Honam(호남) region.


Jun SungHyun(전성현) is the president of Gwangju I-First Childrens Hospital who contributed to opening Gwangju Clinics in Nepal, Mongolia and Cambodia as well as in the Gwangju Korean(고려인) Cooperative. His efforts were acknowledged as he was bestowed the honorary consul position last November by the Embassy of Nepal in Korea.


Gwangju is the second city followed by Daegu(대구) in 2012 to open a Consulate of Nepal. As for the Honorary Consulate of Nepal of Gwangju, it will operate between Sunday and Thursday from 10am to 2pm.


Therefore, visas can be issued without visiting the Embassy of Nepal located in Seoul and activities to promote migrant workers rights will also be operated.

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