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110 Shincheonji members under intensive management for COVID 19

광주시, 신천지 신도 110명 코로나19 집중 관리

110 Shincheonji members under intensive management for COVID 19


Gwangju city is examining Shincheonji members' status under intensive management of COVId 19.


According to Gwangju city on Feb. 25th, the city received 7 lists with a total number of 114 members of Gwangju Shincheonji Church starting from Feb. 21st.


  This is including 4 visitors to Daegu(대구) Shincheonji Church and 7 others including family members who have been confirmed to be infected.


Among 114 people, 48 who have been classified as those that made contact are  under self-quarantine whereas another 48 classified as non-contacted are to check their symptoms 2 times every day.


The other 6 are reported to not be members, which is under verification


Among these people, 17 showed symptoms where 14 have been tested negative and 3 are waiting for the results.

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