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Only 44.8% of Academies in Gwangju temporarily closed despite Government’s closure recommendation

정부 휴원·등원중지 권고에도 광주 학원 44.8%만 휴원(종합)

Only 44.8% of Academies in Gwangju temporarily closed despite Governments closure recommendation


There is confusion arising among academies whether closure is necessary despite recommendations from the Office of Education.


According to Gwangju Education of Office on Feb. 25th, there were 2,124 academies or cram schools closed temporarily as of 4pm on the 25th. This is only 44.8% of the total number of academies and cram schools considering that 4,741 were registered at the end of January.


Within Jeonnam, there are currently 666 academies and cram schools temporarily closed out of 3,380 in total.


Academies refer to institutions with multiple instruction rooms and lecturers. Cram schools are generally 1 instructor who will be teaching a specific lesson.


The Office of Education said that there will be more closures of academies and cram schools as the survey progresses.


Some academies are reportedly hesitating to close due to practical difficulties, though they do agree to the measure for the prevention of the spread of COVID19.

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