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Infrared Thermal Cameras, Negative Pressure Ambulances within Gwangju Jeonnam regions to be used in turns

광주전남, 열화상카메라·음압 구급차 '돌려쓰기 빌려쓰기'

Infrared Thermal Cameras, Negative Pressure Ambulances within Gwangju Jeonnam regions to be used in turns


Amid the spread of COVID 19 across the country, there are alarms for quarantine and disinfection measures in each municipality. However, due to the shortage of machines and facilities, there are added difficulties for the process.


There is rapidly rising concern regarding the scarcity of resources to be additionally purchased. Also, with the spread of the virus continuing in the long term, the rapid increase of the infected creates a concern for the absence of disinfectant responses.


According to the 5 district offices of Gwangju on Feb. 27th, there are difficulties with assigning infrared thermal cameras at public facilities due to a shortage of the devices.


Gwangsangu(광산구) district scattered its 3 assigned cameras with  2 at Songjung(송정) station and 1 at the airport.


However, with the additional outbreak of confirmed cases, there was a reassigning of one of the thermal cameras from the station to the district office where many citizens were coming to make inquiries.


Also, there is a lack of Negative Pressure Ambulances and Tents reported.

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