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Jeonnam Shincheonji 75% residing in Suncheon(순천), Yeosu(여수) and Mokpo(목포), some to carry flu symptoms

전남 신천지 75% 순천·여수·목포 거주일부 감기 증상

Jeonnam Shincheonji 75% residing in Suncheon(순천), Yeosu(여수) and Mokpo(목포), some to carry flu symptoms



There is an alarm for Suncheon(순천), Yeosu(여수) and Mokpo(목포) cities following the enumeration survey of 13,597 members of Shincheonji within Jeonnam regions.


This is because 75% of the whole population of Shincheonji members of the Jeonnam regions are residing in these 3 cities.


During the enumeration survey conducted during Feb. 27th, there were some members who expressed flu symptoms that were then self-quarantined awaiting diagnosis.


As for the members who are out of reach, location verification has started with the cooperation of the police.


Mokpo(목포) city initiated an enumeration survey for the 2,563 members of Shincheonji within the region.


As for Yeosu(여수) city, it has 3,181 members and Suncheon(순천) city has 4,391 members.
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