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Hong NamGi(홍남기), "apologies for shortage of masks, 1 to 2 more days needed to secure sufficient volume"

홍남기 "마스크 수급불안 송구…공적 물량 구축12일 더 소요"

Hong NamGi(홍남기), "apologies for shortage of masks, 1 to 2 more days needed to secure sufficient volume"

Hong Namgi(홍남기), the Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Finance said on Feb. 27th that "Im sorry to citizens for the insufficient supply of masks."


Hong explained at an emergency briefing held at Government Complex Seoul that "although there are several measures taken in regards to supplying the masks securely, there are problems occurring."


He further continued with "it is estimated to take one to two more days to secure a sufficient supply for public use". He explained that "this is due to ongoing processes where final discussions are not yet finished with the public distributors."


Hong concluded with "I will make sure that 9 million masks will be supplied domestically as one day's gross production for masks from 140 companies reaches about 10 million. 50% of the daily production will be supplied to public institutions such as NongHyup(농협), Post Offices and Pharmacies."

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