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A female in her 30s was confirmed with COVID19 in GwangYang(광양), the 4th in Jeonnam among 4,212 total domestic infected

광양서 30대 여성 코로나 19 확진… 전남서 4번쨰국내 확진자 4,212

A female in her 30s was confirmed with COVID19 in GwangYang(광양), the 4th in Jeonnam among 4,212 total domestic infected


A female in her 30s was confirmed with a COVID19 infection in GwangYang(광양) of the Jeonnam region. This is the 4th Jeonnam area patient following the first appearance in Naju(나주) and then Suncheon(순천) and Yeosu(여수).

 The total number of infected with COVID19 across the country number 4,212 with 31 lifted from quarantine and 24 deceased. Also, 33,799 people are currently undergoing diagnosis tests.


According to GwangYang(광양) city on Mar. 2nd, the new infected 36 year old female resides within GwangYang(광양) city. She was confirmed with an infection in the afternoon of Mar. 1st.


It is also reported that her parents in law were confirmed with COVID19 in WulSan(울산) and stayed in GwangYang(광양) for a night 10 days ago.

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