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Nationwide Elementary, Middle and High Schools postponed for 2 more weeks to open on Mar. 23rd; 3 weeks of delays in total

전국 초중고 개학 2주 추가 연기, 23일로 총 3주 미뤄져

Nationwide Elementary, Middle and High Schools postponed for 2 more weeks to open on Mar. 23rd; 3 weeks of delays in total


In an attempt to prevent nationwide spread of COVID19 infection, the government decided to postpone for opening of Elementary, Middle and High schools along with kindergarten for 2 more weeks.


Yoo EunHye(유은혜), the Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Education held a briefing at Government Complex Seoul on Mar. 2nd in the afternoon and revealed as such.


Therefore, all kindergartens, Elementary, Middle and High Schools will be postponed for the semester opening from former Mar.9th to Mar. 23rd.


This is in total of 3 weeks of delay where the Ministry of Education previously postponed for 1 week as the regional transmission began.


With the postponement of school opening by 3 weeks, there is a shortage of 15 days of classes. Accordingly, if the class shortages are less than 15 days, the class days will be acquired with adjustments to summer and winter vacation schedules. This is the first time that all elementary, middle and high schools have been postponed to prevent further spread of an infectious disease.



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