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Universities within Gwangju Jeonnam region to start ‘home-classes’, concerns and anticipation

광주·전남 대학가재택수업 스타트 '우려 반 기대 반'

Universities within Gwangju Jeonnam region to start home-classes, concerns and anticipation


 Home and online classes have begun to be operated from Mar. 16th for universities within the Gwangju and Jeonnam regions.


This is following 2 weeks of postponement of schools opening as campus infection is a concern. Therefore, there will be non-face-to-face classes operated for 2 weeks instead of group lectures within school campuses.


The universities have mobilized full available capabilities to prepare for the online lectures following the regulations of the Ministry of Education and current situation. However, as this is the very first time where distance classes are operated for all lectures, there are concerns for possible confusion.


According to universities in Gwangju Jeonnam areas on Mar. 15th, there was a former regulation of the Ministry of Education where online classes proportion must be below 20%. However, as the regulation is temporarily lifted with the COVID19 situation, all lectures are being substituted with online classes.


Therefore, various measures to upgrade non-face-to-face lecture quality are being executed at Chonnam, Chosun(조선), Honam(호남), DongSin(동신), Gwangju(광주) universities and colleges.

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