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Gwangju Youth Poll conducted on ‘interest in general election, distrust with politics’

‘총선 관심 있지만 정치 불신 여전’ 광주청년 여론조사

Gwangju Youth Poll conducted on interest in general election, distrust with politics


There was a recent poll conducted on the Gwangju regions youths in their 20s showing that theApr. 15th general election was drawing a lot of interest.


However, information regarding candidates and election pledges was reported to be lacking, and a high level of distrust toward the politics was reported.


This was an online poll conducted between Mar. 2nd and 5th upon 512 youths in the age group of 18 to 29 years old. This was with 95% certainty and an error range of plus or minus 4.31% points.


The Mudeung(무등) Ilbo(일보) Daily and University Newspapers of 5 universities within Gwangju revealed the results on Mar. 16th.

  80.1% of respondents answered that they were interested in this years general election. Also, as for the reason why they must be interested in politics, 81.2% answered to improve society into a better one. This is followed by the 60.3% who answered (it is) to exercise their rights as citizens.


In contrast to the high interest, however, information regarding the general election was reported to be lacking. 62.5% of the respondents answered that (they) dont know the candidates in the corresponding constituencies.


Also, 34.9% of the subject answered negatively to the question asked do you think the candidates are making election promises relevant to youths in their 20s. Only 8.2% answered positive, whereas 56.8% responded (they are) unaware of the pledges at all.

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