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Entrants departing US to have reinforced disinfection from Mar. 27th

27일부터 미국발 입국자도 검역 강화

Entrants departing US to have reinforced disinfection from Mar. 27th


With the increased possibility of COVID19 patients from the U.S entering the nation, there will be reinforced disinfection measures for entrants.


The government decided that the disinfection measures for entrants from the U.S will be reinforced from Mar. 27th.


Therefore, among the inbound traffic, those with suspected symptoms will be tested. As for the native residents and foreigners staying for the long term, they will be quarantined for 14 days.


The most recent accumulation of the total infected per day across the country showed 51% of cases were from overseas influx cases.


Therefore, such reinforced measures for disinfection are considered adequate with the given situation.


The Central Disaster Safety Countermeasure Headquarters announced the measures at the regular briefing held on Mar. 25th.

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