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Gwangju Jeonnam Police initiate ‘Digital Sex Crimes Special Investigation’, 62 cases so far

광주·전남경찰 '디지털 성범죄 특별수사단 발족'62건 수사 중

Gwangju Jeonnam Police initiate Digital Sex Crimes Special Investigation, 62 cases so far


Gwangju and Jeonnam Police officially initiated an investigation into digital sex crimes which drew much attention due to the recent Telegram Nth Room.


There began the Digital Sex Crimes Special Investigation Team each within the Police Agencies of Gwangju and Jeonnam to focus on related crimes.


The formation of the teams was completed on Mar. 26th, and related crimes will be investigated until the end of this year.


Currently, there are 25 cases under investigation by the Gwangju Police Agency. This includes 17 distribution of illicit contents and 8  so-called body-cam incidents.


As for the Jeonnam Police Agency, there are 37 cases undergoing investigation. These are 14 related to the illicit contents and 23 regarding body-cam fishing.


The investigation teams consider that the current cases involve distribution online which falls into the 4 Digital Sex Crimes.


Therefore, there will be proactive and strict judicial management planned for the managers, distributers and assistants.

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