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Gwangju to strengthen quarantine measures on overseas arrivals

광주, 확진자 50% '해외발 감염' 추정…입국자 관리강화

Gwangju to strengthen quarantine measures on overseas arrivals

It has been verified that 50% of Gwangju's infected patients of COVID19 are from abroad. Therefore, there will be reinforced measures for entrants into the city. Our Hyungjin Ro has more.


Half of Gwangju’s COVID-19 patients were found to be imported cases from overseas. They apparently travelled abroad or were infected by relatives who had traveled to foreign countries.


According to the Gwangju Metropolitan Government, 10 out of 20 local cases had a history of travel abroad. Among them, 9 people are related to the Shincheonji Church, while 1 still has an unclear infection route.


The region’s 20th patient, who was confirmed the previous day, arrived in Korea on Tuesday after serving as an exchange student in the Netherlands.


The 19th patient returned home after 18 months of Sincheonji missionary work in Colombia via the United States and Taiwan.


The 16th patient was infected after traveling to three European countries, while the 17th and 18th patients were confirmed soon after meeting with their children who had returned home from Spain.


In response, the Gwangju health authorities are strengthening their management of overseas arrivals. So far, 48 people of 63 recent arrivals have been examined, and 47 have tested negative.

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