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Gwangju city, COVID19 Emergency Livelihood Support Fund applicable from Apr. 1st

광주시, 4 1일부터 코로나19 긴급생계비 신청 받는다

Gwangju city, COVID19 Emergency Livelihood Support Fund applicable from Apr. 1st


Gwangju city will be accepting applications for the Emergency Livelihood Support Fund from Apr. 1st.


This is to help stimulate the regional economy undergoing recession amid the COVID19 spread.


Gwangju city revealed on Mar. 29th that 260,000 households will be the subjects for an emergency livelihood support fund. This is for those under the median income who were reported to reside within Gwangju city.


The subject will have to keep their residence registration within the city. However, those already receiving support from the government or the city will not be eligible.


Therefore, between Apr. 1st and 5th, the application will be only be through the Gwangju city hall website in accordance to the social distancing regulations.


Between Apr. 6th and May 8th, which is the final due date, the offline application will be also possible as well as online. The onsite application can be found at 95 Community Service Centers and the 1st floor of the Gwangju City Hall.

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