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Emergency Disaster Support Funds, 1 million won per 4 family members for 14 million households, to be distributed within May

"1400만 가구에 4인 기준 100만원 긴급재난지원금, 5월 중 지급되도록"

Emergency Disaster Support Funds, 1 million won per 4 family members for 14 million households, to be distributed within May


President Moon revealed on Mar. 30th that the Emergency Disaster Support Fund of 1 million won per 4 family-members households will be distributed.


Therefore, the government and municipalities will cooperate to provide 70% of the lower income bracket including the middle class with support funds.


Moon announced such measures at the 3rd Emergency Economics Meeting conducted at the Blue House in the morning of Mar. 30th.


Moon said that "all of the public suffered due to COVID19 and participated together with disinfection measures. Therefore, all of the public has a right to be compensated for their struggle and efforts".


This is the first time since the establishment of the government that 70% of the total households will be funded with emergency support in regards to a disaster.


Moon explained that the decision was made "to support the suffering livelihood of the public. Also, it is to assist in comfort and encouragement for sacrifices made to overcome the crisis together. Also, this will play a significant role to stimulate our economy with consumption along with the calming COVID19 crisis."

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