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Gwangju, Mokpo(목포) Cities to add one more infected patients each, no facility quarantine

광주·목포 코로나19 환자 1명씩 추가…시설격리 안돼

Gwangju, Mokpo(목포) Cities to add one more infected patients each, no facility quarantine


There were consecutive cases of overseas entrants from the U.S confirmed to be infected in Gwangju and Mokpo(목포) cities.


This is analyzed to be due to certain errors experienced such as exemptions from quarantine facilities.


Recently, Gwangju city and Jeonnam province declared strong countermeasures for overseas entrants such as forced quarantine measures.


However, both of the infected discovered in Gwangju and Mokpo(목포) cities this time were not under forced-quarantine measures. This is after the declaration of the overseas entrants' facility quarantine measures, raising concerns.


According to Gwangju city on Apr. 2nd, an 18 year-old female residing in Gwangsangu(광산구) district tested positive for the virus.


She returned through Incheon(인천) International Airport on Mar. 29th and traveled in her mothers car to Gwangju. The patient was reported to have stayed at home upon arrival in Gwangju.


However, after 3 days, she had symptoms such as coughing and took her mother's car to Gwangsangu(광산구) screening clinic.


With confirmation of the infection, Gwangju city also requested the mother be tested. It is reported that the 25th patient of Gwangju was transferred to be treated at Bitgoeul(빛고을) Jeonnam University Hospital.


As for the Mokpo(목포) region, there was a 45 year-old male who returned from the U.S. It is reported that the other family members went to GyeongNam(경남) SaCheon(사천) areas whereas the male visited Mokpo(목포) to attend a funeral.

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