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Apr. Gwangju Jeonnam Consumer Prices increased slightly

4월 광주전남 소비자물가 소폭 상승

Apr. Gwangju Jeonnam Consumer Prices increased slightly



The Gwangju Jeonnam region's consumer prices for Apr. have increased slightly compared to the same month last year.


This is according to the Apr. Gwangju Jeonnam Consumer Price Trends released by Honam(호남) District Statistics Office on May 4th.


The Consumer Price Index for the Gwangju region was recorded at 104.5 which was 0.1% increase compared to the same month last year.


As for the Living Price Index which reflects the prices for domestic living, it had a 0.2% increase from last year. Therefore, the Living Price Index for Apr. within Gwangju region was recorded at 104.4.


As for consumer goods, their prices decreased by 0.1% whereas services increased by 0.3%.


However, there were steep price rises for cabbage and mackerel of 108.6% and 27.2% respectively.


Also, Jeonnam region's Consumer Price Index recorded at 105.17 which was a 0.2% increase compared to the same month last year.


As for the Living Price Index within the province, it showed a 0.3% increase to reach 105.29.

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