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2.8 million households living on basic pensions to receive emergency relief funds in cash starting from May 4

2.8 million households living on basic pensions to receive emergency relief funds in cash starting from May 4

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There will be Emergency Disaster Relief Funds distributed across the country starting May 4th. Our Jongmin Kim has more details.


Some 2.8 million households living off basic pensions or disability payments across South Korea will be receiving emergency disaster relief payments starting Monday.

Cash deposits will be wired directly into their bank accounts that they're already using to receive government assistance. Households eligible for these first payments account for about 13 percent of all households in South Korea.

As for the rest of the nation's households, starting from 9 a.m., Korea time, on Monday, they can check their household status on the disaster relief fund homepage, and start applying from May 11th.

To prevent people from applying all at once and overloading the system, the government will implement a 5-day rotation system according to the last digit of one's birth year just like how the country rationed the buying of protective face masks.

One million Korean won will be given to four-person households, while single- to three-person households will receive less.

People can apply to receive the payment via their credit or debit cards, which will be given out in the form of card points two days after they apply. Those payments will be made in either prepaid card or regional gift certificates.

The money needs to be spent by August 31st, or it will be considered a donation and used to support those who've lost their jobs or have been put on unpaid leave.

Meanwhile, the government warned the public to be extra cautious of voice phishing attempts or scam text messages in relation to the emergency relief fund.

The Ministry of the Interior and Safety explained that it does not send out text messages containing URL links, adding that the public needs to delete such messages.


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