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58 Gwangju Jeonnam faculty members including foreign teachers visited Itaewon(이태원) and Hongdae(홍대) areas

광주·전남 원어민 강사 등 교직원 58명 이태원·홍대 일대 방문(종합)

58 Gwangju Jeonnam faculty members including foreign teachers visited Itaewon(이태원) and Hongdae(홍대) areas


There were 58 faculty members within Gwangju Jeonnam region including foreign teachers who visited Itaewon(이태원) and Hongdae(홍대) areas. Our JongMin Kim reports.


The much anticipated spring semester has been delayed yet again because of the cluster infection from clubs in Itaewon. The fifth delay comes just two days before the semester was supposed to start for some high school students here in our nation.

Gwangju and Jeonnam are on alert over the possible further community spread of COVID-19, after finding out that 58 faculty members including foreign teachers visited the Itaewon(이태원) and Hongdae(홍대) areas where cluster infections appeared.

According to the self-conducted investigation of the Office of Jeonnam Province on May 11th, there were 51 people within the region who visited the Itaewon(이태원) and Hongdae(홍대) areas. This was between Apr. 29th and May 6th that 36 foreign teachers, 10 faculty members, and 5 staff were in the region.

2 of them had visited the Itaewon(이태원) clubs.

So far, 20 have tested negative and 31 are still undergoing tests.

There is a high possibility of redundancy; however, the disinfection authorities within the province also confirmed 5 residents who had similar routes with YongIn(용인)'s 66th patient. Among these 5 provincial residents, 1 is a foreigner teacher.

As for the Gwangju region, 93 have been found to have visited Itaewon(이태원) Clubs. Of them, 45 tested negative already and 48 are undergoing tests.

This includes 7 foreign teachers, 4 in schools and 3 in Hagwons(학원), who visited the Itaewon(이태원) Clubs.

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