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Mayors from overseas democratic and human-rights cities to send messages for the May 18th 40th Anniversary

해외 민주·인권 도시 시장들이 보내온 '5·18 40주년 메시지'

Mayors from overseas democratic and human-rights cities to send messages for the May 18th 40th Anniversary




There are commemorative messages from across the world for the May 18th Democratization Movement marking its 40th Anniversary.


According to Gwangju ity on May 14th, there were video messages sent from mayors in cities such as Nuremberg(뉘른베르크) of Germany, San Antonio(샌안토니오) of the U.S, Ariana(아리아나) of Tunisia(튀니지) and Grigny(그리니) of France.


This is to mark the 40th Anniversary of the May 18th Movement. Originally these mayors were scheduled to participate at the 10th World Human Rights City Forum as well as the 40th Anniversary commemorative event.


However, amid the COVID19 situation, the participation was substituted with these messages.

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