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An overseas entrant from the U.S in their 20s confirmed infected as Jeonnam’s 18th patient

미국서 입국한 20대 유학생 코로나19 확진…전남 18번째(종합)

An overseas entrant from the U.S in their 20s confirmed infected as Jeonnams 18th patient


Jeonnam province revealed on May 15th that there was a newly infected patient confirmed in Mokpo(목포) city to mark the 18th patient of the region.


The patient is an overseas entrant from the U.S of 26 years of age. It is verified that they were studying in Texas and New York in the U.S since 2016 and returned to Korea on May 13th.


Therefore, upon arrival at Incheon(인천) International Airport on May 13th, they took the Overseas Designated Limousine Bus to arrive in GwangMyung(광명) Station. Afterward, they arrived at Naju(나주) Station through the KTX to enter the Naju(나주) Temporary Diagnosis Facility.


As for the 11 passengers in the train and bus, they all tested negative for COVID19.


Therefore, the patient is currently admitted in the Gangjin(강진) Medical Center to undergo inpatient treatment.

On the other hand, the Itaewon(
이태원) visitors within the province between Apr. 24th and May 6th were verified to be 436 people. Among this number of people, 22 have visited Itaewon(이태원) Clubs directly, of whom 2 are still undergoing tests and 20 have tested negative for infection.



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