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Gwangju Based Media Artist Yi Yi-nam to Exhibit His Work at Seoul Gana Art Center

이이남, 2 8일까지 서울 가나아트센터 전시

Gwangju Based Media Artist Yi Yi-nam to Exhibit His Work at Seoul Gana Art Center


Gwangju-based world-renowned media artist, Yi Yi-nam and his work are currently on display at the Seoul-located Gana Art Center.

Famous for his crossover art showcasing Korean traditional paintings and video work, Yi Yi-nam’s exhibition, themed ‘Light that Reborn’, will feature some 20 media artwork turned in by Yi Yi-nam.

A Joseon University Art College graduate, Yi Yi-nam earned his Doctor’s degree at Yeonsei University in communication and has been invited to various global exhibitions around the world.

Yi Yi-nam has also been invited to the Venice Biennale in the ‘individual construction’ category set to be held this May.

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