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Jeonnam Province charged 31 people who rejected diagnostic tests after participating GwangHwaMoon(광화문) Gathering

전남도, 광화문 집회 참가하고도 검사 거부 31명 고발

Jeonnam Province charged 31 people who rejected diagnostic tests after participating GwangHwaMoon(광화문) Gathering

Jeonnam province revealed on Aug. 21st that there were 31 people who were charged by the police for rejecting the diagnostic tests for COVID 19. They participated in the Seoul(서울) GwangHwaMoon(광화문) Gathering and  refused to give testimony and diagnostic tests.

Also, Jeonnam province elevated the Social Distancing Measures to the 2nd degree within the region.

Therefore, from Aug. 22nd on Saturday, the 2nd level of Social Distancing measures will be applied within the province for 2 weeks.

This is as   COVID 19 regional transmission cases have been rising since Aug. 17th within the province. Cases are centering in  regions including Jindo(진도), YeongGwang(영광), Goksung(곡성), GwangYang(광양), Suncheon(순천), Muan(무안), and Naju(나주) .

Therefore, gatherings of more than 50 people indoors and 100 people outdoors will be prohibited as well as all kinds of events. There will be a  halt in operations for nightlife facilities and singing halls as well as PC Rooms and Buffet restaurants.
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