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Domestic COVID 19 infections total 17,665, increased by 266, South Korea warns of upping virus restrictions

국내 코로나19 확진자  17,665, 266명 추가, 3단계 격상 가능성

Domestic COVID 19 infections total 17,665, increased by 266, South Korea warns of upping virus restrictions 


Domestic COVID19 infections increased by 266 as of Aug. 23rd to total 17,665 in Korea. Also South Korea's health authorities warned of raising social distancing restrictions if the latest wave of the COVID 19 outbreaks does not subside. Therefore, it was urged for people to strictly abide by anti-virus measures currently in place as the country's daily new virus cases sharply slowed.


The number of additional COVID 19 virus cases sharply slowed to below 300, but the country is still bogged down with a series of cluster infections continuing in the greater Seoul(서울) area and other major cities.


Of the new 266 COVID 19 cases, 258 were locally transmitted, raising the total caseload to 17,665. Monday's daily tally marks a sharp slowdown from the 397 newly identified cases the previous day, but fewer virus tests over the weekend might have dragged down the number of the new cases.


As of now, the total number of infected across the country has reached 17,665, among which 14,219 have been lifted from quarantine after recovery. There are 3,137 people who are under quarantine, with 32 of them in severe condition, and 309 deaths from the virus so far.



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