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Gwangju City won't be supporting those who violated quarantine measures or falsely testified

광주시, 허위 진술·자가 격리 위반자 지원금 안준다

Gwangju City won't be supporting those who violated quarantine measures or falsely testified


Gwangju City decided to respond rather sternly to those who disrupted the COVID 19 disinfection measures.


This includes not supporting them with government or municipalities' support funds.


Lee YongSeob(이용섭), the Gwangju City Mayor revealed as such on Aug. 31st at the COVID 19 briefing. Lee said that "if the Gwangju communities collapse due to COVID 19, we lose everything."


He continued with "therefore, those violating actions threatening the safety of the communities will be punished as harshly as the laws allow. Thereby, the communities will be protected."


Lee stressed that there won't be any forms of support for infected patients who violated disinfection measures. This is including those who falsely testify of their transportation routes or violate self-quarantine measures.


Therefore, Emergency Living Funds, Disaster Support Funds, tax exemptions, reduction in public fees as well as rental fees, and other benefits won't be provided.




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