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Another church infection with false testimony of routes of transportation, Gwangju infected exceeds 400

거짓말 동선에 또 교회 감염, 광주 확진자 400명 넘어서

Another church infection with false testimony of routes of transportation, Gwangju infected exceeds 400

A family was found within Gwangju City who hid their routes of transportation, causing the COVID 19 virus to be spread again.

According to Gwangju City on Sept. 4th, there were females each in their 50s and 70s who reside in Bukgu(북구) Unamdong(운암동) and Gwangsangu(광산구) WolGyedong(월계동) respectively confirmed to be infected.

Therefore, they are classified as the local 401st and 402nd cases.These are the same church members as the family members who participated at the GwangHwamoon(광화문) Rally held on Aug. 15th.


All of the family members who attended the Rally were confirmed to be infected. However, upon investigation, they previously hid the fact that they participated at the Rally.

The disinfection authorities discovered that some of the family members visited the church 7 times after participating in the Rally. This was through GPS tracking that it was discovered.

Therefore, an enumeration survey was conducted upon all church members afterward.

As a result, among the 22 church members who underwent the diagnostic tests, 2 tested positive and 20 negative.

However, considering the incubation period, there are additional epidemiology studies ongoing related to the church currently.

Currently, there are a total of 405 infected patients found within Gwangju City, passing the 400 case milestones.


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