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Heavy downpours continue with relay typhoons, Jeonnam's damaged assets recorded 438.6 billion won

집중호우에 릴레이 태풍까지…전남 재난 피해액 4386

Heavy downpours continue with relay typhoons, Jeonnam's damaged assets recorded 438.6 billion won


There were some 210 billion won of damaged assets and 11 casualties resulting from the heavy downpour during this summer and the 3 typhoons that hit the Jeonnam region this year.


However, as the 10th typhoon's damage reports are still being accepted, the damage size is expected to be more.


As of Sept. 8th, Jeonnam Province examined 11 public facilities and other private facilities damaged by the 10th typhoon of the season, Haishen(하이선).



This includes 1 cultural asset residence and 9 street-side trees, as well as flooded salt-evaporation ponds.


As for the 9th typhoon, Maysak(마이삭) left some 5.5 billion won worth of damage and the 8th typhoon Bavi(바비) caused 5.4 billion won worth.


Also, from the heavy downpour that continued from July 28th to Aug. 11th, there were some 427.7 billion won of damaged assets reported as well.

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