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300 Jeonnam residents test negative for COVID 19 virus after visiting Malbawoo(말바우) Market

광주 말바우시장 다녀온 전남 거주자 300명 음성

300 Jeonnam residents test negative for COVID 19 virus after visiting Malbawoo(말바우) Market


Jeonnam province revealed on Sept. 14th that 300 residents within the province tested negative for COVID 19 after visiting Malbawoo(말바우) Market within Gwangju CIty.


Also, there were 17 people who made contact with Seoul(서울) Severance(세브란스) Hospital infection cases. Therefore, they underwent diagnostic tests where 10 tested negative for infection. As for the remaining 7, they are still undergoing tests.


Therefore, there are a total of 166 infected cases found within the Jeonnam region so far, with 96 still undergoing quarantine treatments.


There are also 10 patients admitted into professional hospitals with equipped with negative-pressure systems.

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