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Gwangju Mayor's Gwangju Jeonnam Integration suggestion drawing attention

광주시장의 광주·전남 통합론…"공감하지만 사전논의 아쉬워"(종합)

Gwangju Mayor's Gwangju Jeonnam Integration suggestion drawing attention


Gwangju City Mayor Lee YongSeob(이용섭) suggested for Gwangju and the Jeonnam region's administrative integration. Therefore, there is much attention drawn from the region to the issue.


There are consensuses forming from the region; however, there are also problems being voiced saying that there were no prior discussions beforehand.


Previously, Lee YongSeob(이용섭) declared for the practical preparation of the administrative integration between Gwangju Jeonnam region on Sept. 15th.


This was at the extended high-officials meeting held during the day yesterday that he said the Gwangju Jeonnam regions' administrative integration is a matter that "cannot be delayed further".


As for Jeonnam province, they are showing a rather careful attitude. A high-official from the province said that "I agree with the integration. However, there are no changes in the province's stance that there needs to be a consensus formed as well as a collection of opinions before any discussions can begin".

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