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COVID 19 daily infections add 70 to total 23,045, new cases under 100 for 2nd day, yet "Chuseok(추석) holidays becoming a threat"

국내 코로나19 확진자 총 23,045, 70명 추가, 2일째100명 이하 확진자, "추석 대규모 이동 전국 감염확산 분명한 원인 될것"

COVID 19 daily infections add 70 to total 23,045, new cases under 100 for 2nd day, yet "Chuseok(추석) holidays becoming a threat"


The country's new COVID 19 cases stayed below 100 for the 2nd consecutive day today. This could be a sign of a slowdown in new infections. However, the continued high number of untraceable cases and sporadic clusters pose challenges to the country's virus fight.


Also, the upcoming Chuseok(추석) holidays seem to be a threat given the circumstance of a massive number of people travelling across the country.


The country added 70 more COVID 19 cases today, including 55 local infections. Therefore, the total caseload is now counted at 23,045 within the country.


Following Sunday when the daily new infections fell below 100 for the first time in 38 days at 82 cases, this was the 2nd consecutive day below 100.


The country's new daily infections had been in the triple digits since Aug. 14th due to cases tied to a church in Seoul(서울) and an anti-government rally.


However, with the upcoming Chuseok(추석) holidays, the disinfection authorities believe that there will be a high risk of wide transmission again. Therefore, transportation between regions is being discouraged during the upcoming Chuseok(추석) period.


As of today, the total number of infected across the country has reached 23,045, among whom 20,248 have been lifted from quarantine after recovery. There are 2,412 people who are under quarantine, with 141 of them in severe condition, and 385 deaths from the virus so far.

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