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Gwangju Jeonnam region CSAT applicants decrease by more than 10% compared to last year

광주·전남 지역, 수능 지원자 "작년보다10% 이상 감소"


Gwangju Jeonnam region CSAT applicants decrease by more than 10% compared to last year


The College Scholastic Ability Test application window has closed to show more than a 10% decrease in the number of local applicants compared to last year.


Applicants to the Offices of Education in the Gwangju Jeonnam region recorded a 10.1% reduction.


According to the Gwangju Office of Education on Sept. 21st, there were 16,378 applicants for the CSAT this year. This is 11.8% or 2,185 applicants less than last year.


As for the Jeonnam Office of Education, there were 14,208 applicants this year to decrease by 11.2% or 1,785 applicants compared to last year.


This is interpreted to be due to the continued reduction in the number of youth.




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